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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Builder

 1            Look for experience - it counts


Any type of building project comes with its own set of problems, many of them unforeseen, and when they occur you need to know that your builder can manage them with a minimum of delay and cost to you. This ability only comes through experience, so make sure you target a builder with plenty of experience in your particular type of project. Just because a builder did a beautiful job of your friends’ new home doesn’t mean that they will be right for your upper storey addition.


2            Find someone you can work with


Having construction work done on your family home can be stressful, particularly if there is conflict between you and your builder. Meet with prospective builders and make sure you feel comfortable with them – you will be working closely with this person and spending a significant sum of money. Do they seem genuine, honest and worthy of your trust? Will you feel comfortable voicing your point of view to them and are you confident that you will be heard.


3            What do their clients say about them?


The answer to this question will give you the best possible idea of how you might be feeling at the end of your project but it is CRUCIAL that you don’t rely just on testamonials. Ask to be put in direct contact with the builders’ LAST THREE clients and speak to them personally. Why the last three? Any builder who has been in operation for a few years should be able to name three satisfied clients but only a builder with a consistently good track record can give you the last three clients as a reference with any confidence: and remember, if you choose him he will be using you for a reference on his next job!